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  Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida, Pony Xodus is a veteran hip-hop emcee who is reminiscent of an era in hip-hop culture where artists took their craft and fan base seriously. "I don't understand how most artist today can feel good about themselves with the type of music they give to consumers. More disturbing is the fact that consumers of today have just grown to accept it." he states. Which is a safe assumption as to why his venomous track Death Trap was conceived. Taking aim at some of the biggest names in the rap industry, from Fetty Wap, Future, Rich Gang and more it is clear that Pony Xodus is not your run of the mill hip-hop artist. "The culture (hip-hop) deserves more than drugs,guns,money,women and murder,song after song after song. And so do our black youth and communities." And although Death Trap may raise eyebrows as to his motives for name dropping on the artist mentioned,there is however no denying his skills,talent and motives on the infectious and emotionally written track Dear God. With this track Pony Xodus allows his listeners to hear him at his most vulnerable moment in what is his personalized letter to God on matters of street life,his failed marriage and his love and potential declining relationship with his own children. Wonderfully written and even more wonderfully produced by long time friend and beat maker En Dee, Dear God will undoubtedly be the gem on his upcoming album titled A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL tentatively slatted for release on JULY 13th 2017.


My album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL represents a 5 year time period of my life where I found myself at odds with my marriage (now over), my distaste for the way rap was being presented, my distrust in American law enforcement and the American government when pertaining to minorities ESPECIALLY the Black Male, my own purpose as an artist. And finally my own spiritual growth...From start to finish the conception, recording and release of this album was a 3 year process. And even though this is my 2nd solo album release, I personally feel this album represents me both at my best as an artist but also at my most vulnerable and revealing. In an era of hip-hop/rap where the staple has now become rapping in auto tune while talking about designer clothes, trapping and bussin' shots. I wasn't too sure how A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL would be received since each of the 14 tracks stand as their own individual track with separate concepts and messages. But as I foolishly forget, there are still plenty of music listeners and lovers who want more than the cookie cutter style that seems to be forced on them through media outlets. And you've responded to my efforts in the most generous manner. The album continues to do well, and to show my appreciation I will be offering my album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL to you in its entirety for FREE starting now until July 1st 2019. Registered members can download the album for free in its entirety. So if you're not a registered member to my official website, join now....NON registered members however will be able to download the LAST 7 songs of the album for free. Haha! Leave it to me to be difficult. Anyways thanks again. And just continue to show love and spread the word about one of Florida's best hip hop talents. DUUUUUVAAAL!!!!

JULY 13th 20017....Will you be BROKEN??? 

 What started as the aftermath of a failed reconciliation attempt of my former hip-hop group has become without a doubt my GREATEST accomplishment as a hip-hop artist. Two and a half years in the making during possibly the most tumultuous and heartbreaking moments of my entire life. I saw my marriage come to a tragic end, my relationship with my children become strained and distanced. And loyalties from friends and family dishonored. All of these things weighed upon me while still dealing with living in a country that refuses to place any TRUE value on Black Americans and other minorities who have helped build and defend this nation with their own lives. Thus my album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL will come to represent the reflection of all of these things. For over the past two years while while maintaining my own livelihood I've patiently funded every aspect of this project on my own. No donations, no sponsors....just me grinding on the 9 to 5 until everything that needed to be done was complete and strategically placed where they needed to be. And though drained, both mentally and financially. I can say to you all with a sense of triumph and vigor, the album is now entering its final stages of completion. So much so that the release date for my album has been set for JULY 13th, 2017.

 So what can you expect from this album you ask? Well from those who either know me personally or have followed me on social media for some time pretty much know the deal. But for those of you who may be more novice to my music and personality I'll say this. If you are expecting/wanting to hear a bunch of trap style, auto tuned voice, non conceptual, over glamorization of guns, drugs, cars, hoes and designer clothes then THIS IS NOT THE ALBUM FOR YOU! Cuz we don't trap we hip-hop ya heard! That's just me keeping it 1k. What you WILL get is a man who has a strong degree of respect for both the streets and hip-hop culture in many cases baring his soul, sharing his views and ideologies on a wide range of topics over some banging ass beats. A project that has thoroughly been crafted to let each track (song) be distinctive in its own manner. It's a dark album in some aspects. Kind of like watching STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK,...or Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT. This album from a musical standpoint falls along those veins. But like my own life, I was mindful to give the project a sense of hope to rejoice. So there are a couple gems in there that will definitely have you in those moods of just wanting to cut loose and appreciate the lives we live. I can not stress enough how proud I am of this project and how fortunate I am as an artist to have the individuals who aided me during this process to be able to say that they to had a hand in this album, whether it was from a production standpoint, engineering, photography, music video production, graphic designs or whatever. Huge degree of gratitude and respect to each of you. So now that we have an official album release date in place. Who all has plans on copping this album when it drops July 13th? Well whether you do or don't I'll go on record now saying that ain't no hip-hop/rap artist from the state of Florida gonna have a album better than this one in 2017. Yeah I said it. Much love to all of you who have patiently supported me on this project. Next month we let the world know it was worth the wait. Duval for life!!!!


The wait is almost over!!!  

So 2016 is pretty much in the books as we prepare to usher in the year 2017. I gotta admit, 2016 will go down as the most difficult year of my entire life. Thankfully I have had my music to keep me going...keeping me focused on the things that matters most. And that being my OWN HAPPINESS. For far too long I've negated my own pleasures just to appease others. But moving forward that will no longer be the case. If nothing else I am VERY excited to finally give you all in 2017 my album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL. The concept of this album actually begun back in 2012, as half the songs on the album had already been written and even recorded. But as you all know sometimes life throws us a few curveballs, and mentally those curveballs derailed my own focus on this project. But I think that derailment in all honesty was the best thing to happen to this album. Mainly because it allowed me to dig deeper into my own creativity and bring to you all a much more deeper, and more personal perspective of the life I've lived as of late. I've told folks that this album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL is MY Me Against The World (Tupac) / Marshall Mathers LP (Eminem) album. By no means am I saying its rivals or is better than any of those two CLASSIC albums. But I would like the music to resonate similarly to you the listeners. And I truly believe that it will. This album really is more of a personal diary of my pain, struggles, and frustrations over the past 5-6 years. And I am just finally glad to see it close to being able to be heard by all of you who have supported me. So mark your calendars and tell your friends. March 11th 2017 will see the release of my new album A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL. 


p.s. And as a show of my undying gratitude be sure to go download DEAR GOD, DEATH TRAP, & my newest single NO! for free.

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