Our Story

 Not since the emergence of the late great Tupac Shakur and Nas (the self anointed Florida's Favorite Son) has there seemed to have been a hip-hop lyricist more passionate about his role as a pillar for the youth of urban communities. With lyrics that are at times gripping yet heartfelt it seems Pony Xodus has begun to position himself to become one of hip-hop's newest (and favorite) ambassadors for the culture in terms of social and political issues. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida Pony Xodus began his love affair with hip-hop culture at a time when drugs and gang violence had simply become a way of life in his Northside community. Yet instead of allowing himself to become caught up in the negativity the decision was made to focus on writing lyrics and entering freestyle battles in the restrooms of his middle and high schools. Before long word would get out about his skills and talent and eventually he would find himself a member of 2 of his hometowns most skilled hip-hop crews. The first being THA H.O.O.OD (Tha Holders Of Our Destiny) and the 2nd a hybrid supergroup known as SOUTHERN DIALECT. Both crews would benefit from moderate local and regional success. But after numerous years of growing frustrations of trying to "make it" along with individual dissensions the decision was made to disband both crews. However that was never enough to stop Pony Xodus from moving forward and continuing to do what he loved. He would go on to release his first solo album titled THE WORLD ACCORDING TO HIP-HOP back in '06 on his own as a independent artist. The album would go on to legitimately sell 3,500 copies in the first year (and over 5,000 copies in all) all without radio or video rotation, and all without the advantages of a aggressive online social media campaign. Between that time up until 2015 Pony Xodus would continue to work the local and regional circuit until he felt the time was just right. And in 2015 he would make the announcement on his social media pages that he was indeed headed back into the studio to record his 2nd solo album titled A STORY UV A BROKEN SOUL.

 With Story Uv A Broken Soul scheduled for a release date of March 11th, 2017, Pony Xodus has undoubtedly (according to him) recorded his best work. And anticipation for the album amongst his fans and supporters has been very positive. That great anticipation can be credited to the 3 songs he has released online, DEAR GOD, NO! and the controversial diss song DEATH TRAP to which is supported by a live video that can be found on YouTube. Never one to mince words, Pony Xodus is indeed a talented yet polarizing artist. But one listen to his music and there's never a question to the sincerity of the words to his lyrics. He credits his main influences to being Public Enemy, Nas, Eminem, Ice Cube, N.W.A., A Tribe Called Quest, EPMD, Wu Tang Clan and of course Tupac Shakur. And after giving listen to his current music make no mistake those influences are on full display. Look for 2017 to be a very busy and pivotal year for the Florida emcee.